Welcome to PAL-UK Training Institute

Our motto: Plumbing Simplified

Our Mission

We are determined to provide world-class plumbing training throughout UK and for that purpose, our training institute came into being. We officially launched in 2005 and ever since than more than 10,000 plumbers have been trained effectively.

Our mission is plain and simple: to simplify the tedious task of plumbing. In 2004, we ran a survey to examine market demand for plumbing training – we found out that there were very few plumbing trainers centers in UK and they were not quite effective or practical, but the number of plumbers were increasing rapidly.

In order to cope that issue, we decided to establish our own institute to provide practical and solid information that can be accessed from anywhere – whether desktop, mobile or tablet and can be applied immediately.

We live and die by our motto that is “Plumbing Simplified” and we are dedicated to provide top-class training in a digestible manner. We’re not just a training institute but rather a community of like-minded people.

Core Objective

At PAL-UK, we have only one objective; to make you a professional plumber. We strive to provide you sufficient practical training so when you are out in the field, you do not have to worry about anything other than your massive paycheck.

While we also focus on the theortical part, but we strongly believe practicality is greater than anything else. Unlike other training centers, we do not focus on unrelated subjects so you will only be presented plumbing related tasks and activities.

We have designed a special plumbing course of six (6) months that includes theortical as well as practical portions. Upon completion, you will be certified with PAL-UK Certified Plumber that will increase your credibility in the marketplace. More importantly, you will come to know all the ins and outs of plumbing industry.

Professional Training

Our faculty includes professional plumbers with over 25 years of experience so you can be confident that you will only be learning from those who know this trade. We have provided two (2) study locations for your ease. You can access our training material on our website (LMS) or you can physically attend the classes and interact with people.

Our main objective is to train you to become a professional plumber so our training costs are very affordable. However, if you’re jobless and looking to get solid training then we may offer you different payments plans than the regular ones. Our mission is to simplify the whole process!

Job Offers

We offer amazing opportunities for our brilliant students. Upon completion of the training, our students will be offered job offers from our partner companies that will hugely increase your chance of getting a permanent job in UK’s best companies.

Due to our highly professional training course, we have made a name for ourselves in the marketplace and for those with our certifications, they are ten times more likely to be hired by organizations. If an individual scores outstanding marks then he or she will be personally recommended by our training institite to one of our partner companies.