At PAL-UK, our core objective is to make you a professional plumber and we’re completely committed to provide you an awesome experience during your stay.

Today we are presenting a value-packed blog post so you can squeeze every bit of our training course for maximum advantage. We designed our training course with great care – it’s a product of over 25 years of diversified plumbing experience.

As you know, we offer two study locations to offer flexibility. Today, I would like to share with you 6 intelligent ways to make use of our awesome training course that will prove extremely useful in tackling all sorts of plumbing issues.

Professional plumbers with over 25 years of experience have created this course from scratch with a variety of common problems, client handling and all sorts of field work. After completion of this training, you will be a PAL-UK Certified Plumber. Without further ado, let’s discover the 6 intelligent ways!

1: Understand the Plan of Action

One of the most important and basic thing to know is that you must completely grip the plan of action because this alone will determine how well you will perform in your exams and practical tasks. Making a strategy is required to understand all theortical & practical portions of our training course.

A Plan of Action involves understanding the marks weightage in exams, overviewing the syallbus, planning the classes and acknowleding the quizzes. Without a proper Plan of Action, you will most likely be not awarded with the PAL-UK Certified Plumber tag.

2: Study Online & Offline

The best way to make use of our training course is to attend physical classes in time as well as prepare for the battle on our website. We have prepared a ton of training material that will be available to you both in physical & digital format.

We have certified more than 10,000 plumbers in the last 11 years and from our experience, the plumbers who got jobs in UK’s leading companies had one thing in common: they used to consume all our material online and offline.

In order to fully understand the plumbing basics, it is vital to attend the physical classes and also consume online content available on our website to ensure that you become properly trained.

3: Take Quizzes Regularly

Vital, vital, vital. This is the make or break point for you. After consuming the training material, it is extremely important that you take regular quizzes for your self-assessment. According to a survey conducted by PAL-UK in 2011, those plumbers who took regular quizzes were rewarded with high-paid jobs than those who did not.

We cannot emphasize it any more. This is not something to be ignored. For your ease, you can take quizzes on our website without any hassle. However, we have installed security mechanism in order to ensure that no one is getting an unfair advantange.

Quizzes help you to understand your strong and weak points. One more interesting thing is that practical quizzes will be conducted and they are compulsory in order to continue in the next phases of training course.

4: Attend PAL-UK Workshops

During your stay in our institute, we will be holding monthly plumbing workshops to shed some light on interesting topics that will not be included in your traditional training course. If you’re really keen on becoming the master of your trade, these workshops are extremely vital.

Our plumbing workshops are conducted by industry’s most experienced plumbing company and you will be given the chance to ask questions to obtain maximum clarity. We ensure you that these workshops will contain immense value and they will prove to be a game-changer in your plumbing career.

5: Lecture the Class

This step is absolutely brilliant. From time to time, you will be given the opportunity to lecture your plumbing class what you have learned so far. This will not only refresh your concepts but also prove useful to the students with confusions.

This is highly recommended because it allows you to completely understand the plumbing mechanism by delivering your knowledge. This has been our core best practices ever since we launched our institute.

You will be informed one (1) day in advance about the topic you will be lecturing the class so there are no unexpected surprises.